New Zealand has made a name for producing the best dairy products in the world, just as Sri Lanka the home of Dilmah is known for producing the best black tea in the world. What better way to celebrate the synergy of a classic cuppa than bringing together two brands who not only focus on pure artisanal quality but have a genuine focus on ethics and sustainability. 

Lewis Road Creamery have now launched a full range of premium Jersey Milk, sourced solely from New Zealand Jersey Cows and said to be healthier and tastier than ever. “The Jersey cow is rightly famous for her milk. It is richer, creamier, with higher butterfat and a more velvety texture,“ said Peter Cullinane. “A single-breed milk really lets those qualities shine.”

As well as a higher butterfat content, Jersey milk contains less water, less lactose and high levels of calcium. 
“We’ve gone to huge effort to segregate the supply coming from our Jersey herd and to leave it as untouched as possible from the shed to the shelf,” said Mr Cullinane. In standard dairy industry practice, milk producers mix the milk from various breeds of cow, break the combined product apart, then reassemble it using permeate to create a standardized protein content.
“We’re providing milk the way it used to taste, before everyone started chasing cheap and bland volume,” said Mr Cullinane.  

The range is permeate-free, PKE-free and bottled in the brand’s award-winning recyclable rPET bottles made from 100% recycled plastic.

So this of course brings up the age old debate... do you add the milk first or last?

Well there's two sides to this debate. The first is around pouring pre-brewed tea from a pot into the cup first or last and that goes back to the French adding milk first to stop the hot tea cracking the fine china (which was more brittle back then but not a problem nowadays). The other aspect is that many people pour milk into their mug with the hot water at the start and brew their teabag that way (eww). The problem being it lowers the temperature and thickens the viscosity so you don’t get the full extraction of flavour and strength. 

If you want to join the discussion jump in and follow Lewis Road on Instagram and Facebook where they're sparking up the debate. In our eyes however there is no right or wrong way when it comes to pouring pre-brewed tea from the pot... adding the milk first or last in the cup just comes down to personal preference but everyone has their own little rituals and reasons which we love! As long as it's the best tea and the best milk you can't go too wrong. 

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