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    Dilmah Ranges

    Below is an overview of the main ranges we have available in New Zealand along with links for further information.


    Our premium everyday range of tea through which Dilmah has become a household name in New Zealand. Premium because we consider in comparison to other teas found at a similar price point these teas are truly of a premium quality. Grown and packed fresh at source in Sri Lanka by a family business dedicated to bringing back genuine quality tea at all levels of the market.


    For many people English Breakfast and Earl Grey are considered their everyday tea but this range generally sits a little above our Premium Range due to the grade of tea used. Included in the range are Earl Grey Strong, English Afternoon and Ceylon Supreme. These are all teas from particular regions of Sri Lanka which highlight the diversity of tea based on location, elevation and the terroir that makes Ceylon tea so famous. Available in supermarkets nationwide and in individually sealed sachets through our NZ online shop. Find Out More


    We offer a diverse range of Green Teas with a real point of difference being that we use no flavouring, only natural ingredients to keep them as pure as nature itself. Available in major supermarkets nationwide and in individually sealed sachets in our NZ online shop. Find Out More


    We have launched the Fruit and Herbal infusions from the Dilmah Organics range in New Zealand, primarily found through select supermarkets. Dilmah Organic is produced in harmony with nature free from synthetic pesticides and fertilizer. Available in major supermarkets nationwide.


    The perfect balance of quality, convenience and price. A loose leaf grade of tea in pyramid style luxury teabags which allow the tea to fully expand and release their flavour and goodness. Available through our NZ online shop and select supermarkets nationwide. Find Out More


    Teas from the top shelf, the t-Series range is our specialty loose leaf tea offering in New Zealand and what Dilmah is particularly well known for in many European and Asian countries. You’ll never find these in major supermarkets but available in a handful of specialty food stores and in our NZ online shop. You’re more likely to be served these in top restaurants and hotels in New Zealand and across the globe. Find Out More 


    Globally we have a broad range of teas produced to meet the needs of different markets where Dilmah is considered a real tea specialist. In New Zealand the tea range is constantly innovating and the range available varies year to year depending on a number of factors. In the mainstream category it’s what major supermarkets choose to carry on their shelves that to a large degree determines whether it’s cost effective (both for the consumer and ourselves) to continue bringing a particular tea into New Zealand.